About Us

AGRO-HUB is a business venture set up to mine, manage and disseminate agricultural information. To make this possible, AGRO-HUB exploits three fundamental information and communication technology components (Joint Community Effort, Short Message Service, and the Web) with a focus to achieve its main vision; make Cameroon’s agricultural markets work.

Cameroon for decades past, has been dubbed "The bread basket of Africa" by neighboring Countries and "Africa in Miniature" since colonization. Endowed with rich natural and human resources, it is no doubt therefore that 70% of Cameroonians depend on Agriculture for a livelihood. Regret-ably, very few people around globe are aware of this fascinating fact; reason being the lack of information.the know it as such in and out of Cameroon, based on this came the need of reforming the market systems of Cameroon.