April 2, 2013

Shop Like Pros!! Shop Like Pros!! Shop Like Pros! Was all one could hear from the lips of both organizers and attendees. It was a Thursday and a holy one at that. Agro-Hub decided to launch its 1st farmers food store, Agro-Mart Muea and present for the grand event were dignitaries such as the Sub Delegate of Agriculture and Rural Development for the South West Region, Mr Elame Germaine and his entourage. Although the occasion started late due to the poor weather condition, it didn’t stop people from coming in their number; the turnout was massive and it was impressive.

Mr elame n crowd

Mr Elame reminded farmers that farming is a noble profession and should be treated as such. Farmers too can come back from their farms, bath and dress in suits and rest while others worry about the market. With the coming of Agro-Mart, this sort of vision is a reality as Agro-Mart’s principal mission is streamlining the agricultural markets.No longer will farmers have to work the farms and still get to sit in the sun for countless hours just to sell their product.The advent of Agro-Mart simply means farmers can now have to carry their crops to the Agro-Mart from their farms, receive some money for what their crop is worth and go back home, rest and spend time with their families while Agro-Mart worry about the markets.
Also present for the launching and gave a talk was Green Cameroon, an NGO based in Buea whose objective is environmental protection and community development.

The introduction of standardization in Cameroon’s agricultural market, though a novelty was embraced by all as a way forward for both farmers and consumers. If practiced by all agricultural stakeholders as Agro-Mart hopes, food will no longer be sold by the look of the eye but with the use of scales and both parties (farmers and consumers) will be satisfied with what they get.

Mr. Elame Cutting of Ribbon

Everyone was excited to go in after the sub delegate and experience shopping like pros which entails food being sold using scales for the 1st time ever in the South West Region.


Seeing food being neatly packaged and displayed on such beautiful shelves was a complete marvel to all. Many will remember this day as the day Cameroon’s agricultural market took another turn and will boast to have been there when the ribbon to the door was cut open to food being sold in a clean, hygienic and beautiful environment.


Being in direct contact with farmers, allows Agro-Mart to pick from the finest selection of crops available in Cameroon.Some agricultural stakeholders present advised the entire Agro-Hub team that it was worth noting this journey they have embarked on is not an easy one for had it been, many will have done it long before them but should they succeed, it will change the lives of many farmers. Not only the farmers will feel the impact of Agro-Mart, but the whole world will realize Cameroon’s agricultural potential.

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