October 3, 2013

Our agricultural markets in Cameroon are governed by the usual traditional style; food being sold in stalls or on the ground. The rural retail market serves both for commercial and social purposes; it is a place where agricultural producers, traders and consumers come to supply, sell and buy goods as well as providing formal and informal temporary income generating activities for most particularly the unemployed.
This traditional way of retailing agricultural produce has been the norm for decades. This market environment is marked by food being poorly handled (sanitary wise) and time consuming. In this fast pace growing world, people are becoming more concerned about what they eat and how the food is being handled for health reasons. Time however has become a luxury; what most can’t afford to waste. Innovation has become the prerequisite for survival and there is a need for a market upgrade, reasons why young entrepreneurs a taking on introducing innovative models such as Agro-Hub’s Agro-Mart.

At the mart, food is being sold in a clean well ventilated environment. This makes shopping less stressful and less time consuming. The food is neatly parked and beautifully displayed on shelves.I was most fascinated when last week, I had students from the University of Buea, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary medicine, Department of Agro economics and Agri-Business, walk up to me and wanted to know more about the agricultural market most especially, Agro-Hub’s Agro-Mart model which I gave them with great delight.his shows to what extend youths are beginning to realise the role agriculture plays in development.


This is a complete novice to Cameroon’s agricultural market and they confessed to have heard of Agro-Hub but never dreamt it was a possibility in Cameroon. Asking how often they visit the market, Vanessa, the lone lady in the group said less often than she would have loved to. For the boys it was either once or never for the 3 years they have been in the Buea. Asking how they find the Agro-Mart idea, AWESOME!! They all said. They won’t have to walk for countless hours in the market looking for heaven knows what.


Asking them what their aspirations where after school, I was thrilled to find out they all wanted to practice mechanized agriculture and become agri-business mogul. It’s fascinating to have youths take on agriculture in that light. Having visited Agro-Mart, they believe now more than than ever the possibility of making it big in Cameroon’s agric sector. To them, agriculture shouldn’t be looked upon as a trade for the uneducated and less privileged. They believe there is the need for education to make the agribusiness a productive and lucrative one.

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