August 22, 2013

Sure you heard it right! It’s not every day you open your mail box and the 1st word you see is “congratulations”. Seriously? How do you expect me to feel? Am certainly floating with joy; too excited to read the mail to the end talk less of understanding the mail. “We are thrilled to let you know that the WSYA online jury liked your project AGRO-HUB Cooperative and that it will enter the next round of evaluation”.
The WSYA(World Summit Youth Award) is an annual award and a network for young people, under 30 years of age, using the Internet, mobile phones or other digital media to put the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into action.
With AGRO-HUB using the web and basic ICT tools to reach rural farmers in Cameroon with information on available markets and setting up market structures, this news came as a big relieve to the moments we doubted if we were on track; if someone was listening to the farmers voice.
AGRO-HUB cooperative aims at alleviating poverty among rural farmers in Cameroon and bringing about an increase in their household income by providing them with access to better markets through the setting up of market structures and providing them with basic ICT tools to share information. This perfectly fits us in the Category Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease. AGRO-HUB is making enormous effort to make Cameroons’ agric sector more attractive and a lucrative business as most youths are turning away from agriculture in search for better paying jobs in the urban cities under the pretext that agriculture is strenuous and not profitable.
Should we succeed, we will win a trip to Colombo for the WSYA Winners’ Event 2013, October 24-26. This price offers more than just an opportunity to explore the biggest city of the tropical island with its aquamarine waters and pristine shores. At one of the globally most important events for young ICT-developers, the next generation of IT-pioneers will have the chance to present their project in front of a high-level audience, including business leaders from the multimedia sector and creative industry, representatives of politics and NGOs and many more.
It will be a great opportunity to let the world know that in a country where all that makes news is corruption, 70 percent of the population depends on agriculture for a livelihood, with the greater majority being the rural farmers living on less than $2USD a day. It’s about time someone listen to their plea to make an earnest living out of what they love doing.

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Apollin Fotso Fotso
February 6, 2015 1:24 pm

Just to have the contact of the director or your staff member that used to participate in PIDMA preparation meeting.


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