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The No. 1 reason small scale farmers remain small and impoverished

May 03 2016

Growing up, I couldn’t understand why despite extreme effort invested in the farms with often good harvests, my family remained poor and stagnated. “Dad, why is it that those who…


May 22 2013

The melon crop scientifically known as “cucumis momi” and locally known as the egusi, has hairs on all of its organs, but the fruits are spherical, smooth and weigh up…


Mar 20 2013

At AGRO-HUB, we understand that information is wealth and access to public information is a fundamental human right. Moreover, no market development strategy or supply chain management strategy will succeed…

A LOOK AT 2012

Dec 17 2012

Now that December is here, I reminisce over the year 2012. It came and it’s gone like every other; with its own good and bad fortune. It has been a…

We are hiring! Marketing and Sales Position.

Sep 21 2012

Are you hungry to work on purpose? Are you a marketing and sales pro looking for a challenging but also exciting work experience? We invite you to join our young…


Apr 14 2011

We want to be your partner in fresh food and agribusiness in Cameroon. Direct your buying, selling or production inquiries to us and we’ll use of network to provide you with just the best answer.