Bonga Juice

Bonga Juice is a young startup venture that is set to revolutionize the fruit juice industry in Cameroon. Only just over a year in existence, its juice products is widely known in Buea and has become the preferred refreshing drink for many in the town.

Bonga (Nice, good, I prefer etc.)  Juice is natural fruit juice made from fresh tropical organic fruits. Our juice extracted directly from the fruits and served with no artificial colors, preservatives or flavor added to it.

At Bonga Juice bars, the juices are made on the spot following our TO DIE FOR (TD4) recipes or custom made according to our client’s taste and individual health needs.

Bonga Juice promotes healthy living by making fresh healthy juices readily available to everybody (reflected on our pricing policy) and to create a ready market for farmers practicing sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices.

We pride ourselves to the quality and the hygienic conditions in which our juices are made producing the best juices that will tickle your taste buds to come begging for more.

Some of the juices products we make are:

  1. Cocktail Combo (a mixture of citrus fruits)
  2. Kasa-mango juice (the slimming drink)
  3. Sour sop juice (the cancer drink)
  4. Guava juice (All in one drink)
  5. Grape (the fitness drink)
  6. Pineapple, Pawpaw, Oranges etc.
Bonga Juice Wallpaper

Bonga Juice Fresh with every Taste

We do refresh weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. For more information please contact us at (+237 96 16 71 66).

Born in February 2012, Bonga Juice has 3 outlets all located in Buea Cameroon.

  1. Behind the UNESCO Building University of Buea.
  2. Opposite Winners Chapel Molyko Buea.
  3. Mile 17 Shopping Mall Buea.

In order to grow to a full fleshed business in a market still developing like the one in Cameroon, it is difficult to come up with standard margins due to little or no standardization of the prices of fruits and receipts are usually issue after purchasing fruits from the local market making accountability very difficult and doubtful. Also we face a lot of challenges trying to buy fruits that are not common.

AGRO-HUB is bridging that gab and we are happy doing business with their Mart in Muea, Buea. Partnering with AGRO-HUB will help remedy the situation as we have assurance that we will be issued a receipt on every purchase, buy fruits at relatively fixed prices and work together to create a platform where we can advise farmers on the fruits that are healthier and have a ready market.

We believe in AGRO-MART and our union is doing great so far.