AGRO-Mart: the change we want to see in Cameroon’s Agric Sector

It feels so fresh today in Buea , the rains I guess! Why wouldn’t anyone love the rainy season? Places are bright, the grass is green and everyone looks bright and ready to carry on with the days’ activities. One would hardly guess if people took a bath or if they are going about with empty tummies .Farmers don’t have to engage in watering their crops; God blesses them with rain water.
Standing at the COMING SOON Agro-Mart door, watching the work being done, I can’t help but smile back at the farmers passing by and talking eagerly amongst themselves. They wonder aloud about what could possibly be going on. “Could it be a church? Restaurant? Or a beer parlor?” I hear them whisper amongst themselves.


Announcing AGRO-MART

Some come close enough to find out what we are actually doing. Then I tell them “it’s a food store!” but they get surprised and find it hard to believe that a building with magnificent tiles, painted so beautifully could be a food store. Well I wouldn’t think otherwise if I was them.
Born to our usually dirty traditional markets where food is being sold on bags placed on the ground and in a dirty market environment, this new kind of market where fresh agricultural produce from farms are being sold in a well furnished illuminated, and neat building is a complete marvel to our local community. They find it hard to comprehend that such value could be given to the food we feed our body with.



What Agro-Hub wants is to streamline our agricultural market and give our food more value. We hope other agricultural stakeholders can follow in this light. Cameroon should be known way beyond corruption and football because we are blessed and proud to be African in miniature.


  1. Yay! W2G! Agrohub, you rock! I miss this whole set up. But can’t wait to visit.

  2. This looks really great. It’s a great step towards changing the face of food markets, while ensuring clean and healthy produce reaches the masses! Kudos to AGRO HUB!

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