At AGRO-HUB, we understand that information is wealth and access to public information is a fundamental human right. Moreover, no market development strategy or supply chain management strategy will succeed without ensuring proper information flow.
In line with our [rural] agricultural market development activity therefore, we are investing a considerable amount of resources and time in sourcing and distributing agriculture and market information between farmers, government agricultural agencies and other stakeholders; a process that has helped us gain knowledge and experience about making information widely accessible to persons at the Base of the Pyramid.
Operating in a country (Cameroon) where mobile phone penetration looms whereas less than 4% of the population has access to the internet, you’ll immediately see why we are big on SMS or text messaging – with more than 80% of our communication tools built around SMS.

SMSDeck Screen

SMSDeck Screen

Among the tools and solutions we have developed (in partnership with Zinger Systems) are:
SMS Ordering System that allows businesses to order supplies from suppliers via SMS.
SMS Inventory Tracking that allows inventory reporting from a remote location via SMS as the one used in our AGRO-MART to report inventory to our head office.
SMSDeck that makes SMS marketing cheap and seamless by leveraging Twitter SMS.

Sierra Wireless Airlink

Sierra Wireless Airlink GL110 USB GSM Modem

If you are facing any communication challenge in rural Africa, we may have a solution.
You are welcome to contact us with any questions or inquiries and our team will be able to help you.