A LOOK AT 2012

Now that December is here, I reminisce over the year 2012. It came and it’s gone like every other; with its own good and bad fortune. It has been a very tough one for Agro-Hub, I must say; the wind blew and the cradle rocked. At some point it felt like we weren’t channeling our energy to the right direction; funds weren’t coming in, we couldn’t get the storehouse and things weren’t moving as we anticipated. It was so stressful we even doubted our own vision! The same vision that had us getting up from our beds early and working late into the night!

Workshop event

Workshop with Farmers in Muea

Many at times I have heard people say after the rain comes the sun. And when the sun comes, you wouldn’t even remember what the rain looked like. With all the good things happening now, I can’t even remember what the rainy days were like or how we got through them. December, they say is a month of merry making and all you want to hear is good news. To tell you the truth, Santa Claus has been in the neighborhood and Agro-Hub got tons of gifts at its door step!
First we got grants from Indigo Trust Fund for our ICT platform (in October). Then came in seed grant from MOREMI ( a leadership institute based in Ghana) for the storehouse project then we got the storehouse and signed a lease contract for one year! To crown it all, we just hit our target budget of EUR 4,996 for the storehouse from The Netherlands based crowd funding platform – 1%Club. Now wouldn’t you say, beyond reasonable doubt that Father Christmas was indeed in the neighborhood?
The wind of doubt blew, yet we held on to the branches – friends, families and our beliefs. Of them all, beliefs were the roots. We held on fast to them and they didn’t fail us.

Visiting the storehouse after the signing of the lease contract, I fear for what lies ahead of us. They say at the end of the tunnel, there is light but no one ever talks about the road at the end of the tunnel. Refurbishing the place to suit our purpose, is where the great work begins. But wasn’t this the same fear that set in at the beginning of 2012? And yet we reached the end with so many success stories?

Storehouse in Muea

Storehouse Side View

One thing am certain of it this; Agro-Hub is now a loaded gun. With the acquisition of the storehouse and our ICT platform now ready, it’s up to us to aim at our target; OUR VISION. We will brace 2013 with more determination than ever holding onto faith as our only anchor.

We sons and daughters of farmers, say it’s enough. It is time to put smiles on the faces of our rural farmers. Farmers deserve better than they get and we want to make sure this happens – hence our cause.